Midterms in Jeju

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To say that this semester has been flying by is an understatement. I can’t believe that I am heading into my final months of living in Seoul. While initially, I was sad that classes would be online again this semester, I realized that there are many benefits as well. The biggest plus of having online courses is the fact that I have had more opportunities to travel throughout the country because I’m not limited to traveling just during weekends. That is how I ended up on Jeju Island for my midterm week. Jeju is a small island off the southern coast of Korea and has been dubbed the “Hawaii of Korea” with the vacation vibe that it emits. This was my first time going to Jeju, and it is something that I have wanted to do since the first semester, so I am thrilled I finally made it. While in Jeju, I had tons of new experiences with my friends, so I will just share my top three favorite moments.

First, we went to Iwho Beach in Jeju City and spent the entire day relaxing and enjoying the nice weather. We stopped by a convenience store and bought an impromptu picnic, making the experience much better. Having lived on the coast my entire life, I always enjoy spending time at the beach when I can because it makes me feel at home. That night we also went to a night market that had exceptional seafood. It was amazing to see all the booths set up and to watch them cook right in front of you. The best part was the lobster booth where the workers danced with blowtorches and looked like they were having the best time. My second favorite moment was doing a small hike in Seogwipo, where there was a charming waterfall at the end. It felt nice to be out in nature, and it was my first time seeing a waterfall in Korea. My final favorite thing I did in Jeju was when I went go-kart racing. It was my first time, and it was so much fun! All in all, it was an amazing week-long trip to Jeju and is somewhere I would definitely go back to.

*My roommate and I wearing matching tangerine hats–a must-do when in Jeju.
* Me at a beautiful cafe on a cliff overlooking the ocean.