Midterm Test Week

Read all the exciting things our scholars have been up to!

It Begins…Brains…. Brains…Hurt

Tests. The most loved thing about school! The one dreaded thing that cannot be avoided. When that dreadful day comes, you get handed the test. You stare at it and it stares back at you mocking you; taunting you with a sinister grin. Ok, I might be over exaggerating, but still. I don’t really like tests, but every school and university requires them. Today marks the first day of Midterms! Suck it up and go to work!

Hongdae Before Exam Week

Hongdae. This place is where all the students, foreigner and Korean go to hang out and have fun. There is a plethora of fun and entertaining things to do there for everyone. Every weekend it is so packed that you have to fight your way through hordes of people just to get a few blocks down the street. So, when Hongdae is only mildly busy on a Friday, it only means one thing. It’s TEST TIME! Hongdae never sleeps, but on a few occasions it becomes “normal”. Some of the “normal” occasions are two weeks in particular. It makes the Playground (a very popular place in Hongdae) empty like if a plague had struck (this seems fitting because of the the Zombie Run this weekend). The weekend prior to Midterms and Final Exam weeks, Hongdae is like a ghost town… well, just minus Koreans. It is still packed with foreigners. Unfortunately, I had to spotlight as a volunteer for a friend’s organization this weekend, but it wasn’t bad. I have done this on multiple occasions, and it is usually crazy busy. This weekend was like a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t busy at all. I even got to leave early! Hello sleep!