Meet You at the Mote

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Sorry for not posting in a while. I kept trying to post but either my computer or the site was glitching and it never posted my posts.

So! Songkram Festival, Thai New Year was last weekend from April 13-15. People literally stood on the side of the road and threw water on cars, motocycles, pedestrians and anything or anyone else that crossed their paths. It was beautiful. It is my new favorite holiday hands down. I went to the mall where they had stages set up outside with live music and from their walked the the mote all three days! I had to go alone the first day because I missed the group of my peers leaving, I went alone the second day because no one else wanted to go again, and finally on the third day Nicole and two other of my peers went with me. I had so much fun all three days. Thai people are so nice! I laughed everytime someone poored water on me. It was great. On the third day the other girls and I got to dance on one of the stages for a while! They just pulled us up! Nicole and I also found another stage to dance on later in the day after the others went back.

Anyways. I know I was going to post about my identity and how it affects my experience in Thailand but I couldn’t get it to post and so I wanted to write about this while it was still fresh. I will try and post what I really wanted to write about tommorrow.

What I really want to know though is what you do you want to hear about??? I know it says I have views, but is anyone really reading this stuff??? Let me know!

Also, and update on my courses. We have another Thai test this week….you should know how I feel about that by now (doomed). Actually my Thai is improving but is still not great. I tried to ask some questions in Thai during out meetings in Forest and was successful.

We are going into our final course of the semester; Oceans. Actually the real title is: Culture and Ecology of the Andaman Islands, Reefs, and Mangroves, but everyone calls it oceans. We watched some documentaries about