McDonalds in Korea

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McDonald’s in Korea is a little different than in United States. They offer some similar items such as the Big Mac or the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, but they also have different items such as the Bulgogi Burger or the Shanghai Chicken Sandwich. Korean sizes are also different compared to the United States sizes: Korean regular size = American small size. The biggest difference is something awesome… Korean McDonalds delivers! Yes, you heard right, delivery. You can either call or order online through McDelivery, McDonald’s delivery service.




Once you order your food, you can track the process of the delivery through the McDelivery’s website. They send their deliveryman (or woman) out on a McDonald’s Moped. These motorized moped warriors follow no rules and are fearless. They ride with no fear and a reckless abandonment, which means that they don’t follow traffic laws, drive on the sidewalk, weave through car and people traffic, and even dodge oncoming cars.


Here is our order: 2x Quarter Pounder with Cheese, 2x Regular Fries, 1x Curly Fries. We ordered it around 7:00pm and we received it around 7:45pm. The delivery guy rang the doorbell and I handed him the money. When we ordered online, it gave the option of paying with a credit card or cash. We chose cash, and it also asked if we were to pay exact amount or a different amount (to allow the deliveryman to carry the correct change).


It was a fun experience having McDonalds delivered right to our door. I look forward to the day that I’m able to speak Korean so I can have Korean food delivered right to me!!