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Hello there followers!

Life is great on the Spice Islands! My first homestay ended this past Monday and my parting gift was a kanzu and I purchased a kofia to complete the outfit (Don’t hate, assimilate!).  My host father said that I looked the part very well and taught me the difference between kanzu from Oman and Emirates.  It was bittersweet to leave as I had just begun to become accustomed to the family and hated to leave.  On Sunday, my host brother, his wife, their daughter, and a couple other family children spent the afternoon at the zoo which was finished by a wonderful bowl of urojo (potato soup of sorts).

The next morning, we left Stone Town for Mangapwani which is a small village north of town.  There we learned how to communicate more effectively in this culture and how to responsibly carry out interviews and do field research while in Zanzibar.  We were then given the task to investigate a sand mining operation that had recently sprung up in the village.  The damage done to this area was similar to that of mountain top removal, in my opinion, for the simple fact that the ground water is now exposed and able to be tainted more easily.  The results of our interview and research are going to be used by the director of the school to help determine a solution with the sheha and government. 

The first day of fall in Zanzibar is quite nice.  As I type this blog, the ocean breeze is blowing and the sun is shining.  Also, all is at peace with me right now as I am listening to Nickel Creek and my true spirit animal was given to me this past week: I am a mongoose, small and gentle unless provoked.

Next, we are headed to Pemba for a week.  I will have no internet access, so until I return to Unguja, A salaam alaikum!