Making the Most Out of My Last Month

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My list

It is the last month of my study abroad trip. I feel the need to squeeze in every little last experience that I want. Currently my mindset is on the go and just do it mode.

Anything I want to eat, I’m not holding back.

  • Patecones (My favorite dish here in Costa Rica, fried plantains with dips)
  • Caribbean food (They cook with coconut milk! I feel that it’s the soul food of Costa Rica)
  • Soda Restaurants (Small family owned restaurant)
  • All the restaurants near my school (All type of cuisine, Venezuelan, French, Mexican, Costa Rican)
  • Fruits (So much fruits)
  • Dessert places (Especially Ice Cream! The dairy here just tastes more creamy, it’s crazy)

Places I want to go, that’s a little harder to plan but I’m trying my best.

  • Puerto Viejo (Caribbean Beach town, that is so authentic in culture and people)
  • Santa Teresa (Beach town, many have told me they love surfing there)
  • Montezuma (A little more unknown beach/nature place)
  • Osa Peninsula (The most bio diversity in the world!)

People I want to talk to, I’m working on that. I’m shy and intimidated by a lot of people so it’s a bit hard.

  • Locals! (Maybe a local student)
  • My Mama Tica (Honestly still feel shy and not close, maybe just talk more is the key)
  • Classmates (It’s a small class, I have no excuse)
  • Friends


I fulfilled mostly the food parts of my list, half of the bottom list and one of the 2nd list. There was too little time for traveling and my friends and I decided that it would be best if we made the most of our time with the people, the place, and the food that lived around.

I have no regrets, Things happened the way that it was suppose to. I wish I made a Tico friend and talked to my mama Tica more but I was not advanced enough in Spanish, I was shy, and it didn’t seem like they had time for my to be. These are all excuses I could have eliminated/worked on but it happened the way it did. Maybe next time when I return I will be more confident in my Spanish. Of course it would be the same experience but I see this as motivation to continue with my Spanish.