Lung Wah Residence

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It has been a week since I moved into the Lung Wah Residence, and I must say that there are benefits and faults for living in this grand opening residence hall. The Lung Wah halls are composed of four buildings that was estimated to be ready by Summer 2012. A few weeks before the start of school, the halls were still closed due to safety precautions of high formaldehyde levels from drying paint. However, the coordinators of the residence hall announced that the levels have reached within safety level. They just took extra safe precautionary measures to protect the health of students.

Class Schedule. I finally got to register for classes on the first day of school. Class registeration is open only during the first two weeks of school, so it is imperative that you sort out all time clashes or conflicts within those two weeks. For biology or chemistry students, administrative questions can be directed to the staff in Chong Yuet Ming Chemistry and Physics buildings.