London and Arundel

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During my walks around town, I found out that the Beltinge community center, located just a few minutes from where I live, offers Zumba, yoga, and fitness classes for £5 each class. I decided to try the Zumba class and called the number to sign up. I went there on Monday morning as scheduled, and I had a great time! Not only because I was able to exercise to Latin music, but also because the ladies I met were really nice and made me feel welcome right away. Although they are a bit older than me, we immediately engaged in conversation, and they encouraged me to attend the other classes offered during the week. They were also very interested in where I am from and my studies at the University of Kent. I had such a great time that I went back on Wednesday for a fitness class. At the end of each class, they serve tea and cookies. For the weekend, I decided to go to London to sightsee around the city and visit a small town called Arundel, located in West Sussex, about 59 miles from London. This town is a lovely community, very popular because of its medieval castle and Roman Catholic cathedral. It is very easy to get there by train. I spent time walking around town and going into many antique shops. In London, I walked around Parliament and went by 10 Downing Street, where people were protesting against the COVID vaccine. I was able to walk past the protest and get to Trafalgar Square. I wanted to visit the National Gallery; I loved it when I first visited the museum a few years ago. Unfortunately, I was unable to do so because there was a music festival at the square in front of the Gallery and it was extremely crowded. Most of the square had been set up to serve as the venue for the concert. I will try again, another time. I also walked around Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge and visited the St. Paul Cathedral, the Borough Market, and the Notting Hill area, particularly Portobello Street, because of its interesting shops and street market. It has been quite an interesting and busy weekend!