Location Adventures: Paris, France

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Dear Reader,

Bonjour! For this exciting week, the cohort and I took a trip to Paris, France! This will officially be my third visit to a European country, followed by England and Ireland. Amongst the many differences France has from Ireland and England, one of the major ones include the native language: French. I found this bit of information fun because I have never been in a country where I did not know its native language. Although the trip was only for the weekend, I was able to pick up minor phrases in French, such as: vous parlez l’anglais et où sont les toilettes?- do you speak English and where is the bathroom?

Bury Me With French Food

It’s difficult to watch the movie Ratatouille and not be hungry before arriving in Paris. Because of this, one of the highlights from the trip revolves around food. I convinced myself that if I didn’t have at least 20 crêpes before I left, I would leave unaccomplished. Although I didn’t get around to that number, I ate enough to feel satisfied.

Savory Crêpe

It’s interesting to see very nontraditional way, a least to the American standard, of eating. There were not many take-away places, with the exception of one or two crêperies. Unlike most of America, the French like to sit down and converse with one another. Personally, I find this cultural aspect very pleasing. I believe the world is becoming afraid of time, especially wasting it. With being forced to sit down for a meal or drink, it truly feels refreshing and exhilarating.

Additionally, snails are generally not eaten. However, in France there is this famous dish, known as Escargot, which is a buttery plate of snails. Generally, when I visit new places, I am drawn to the most odd things. Consequently, I ate a bunch of snails for the sheer curiosity of it. As it turns out, they were delicious! The texture wasn’t as slimy as I expected and the sauce was incredible. I would eat it again in a heartbeat.

Escargot, snails

Beauty in Every Corner

Another trait that I loved about Paris is the architecture. Unlike London, the specific beauty of the buildings carried on throughout the city. Every step I took was a reminder that I was in France. The detailed trim of the buildings and statues seemed to be handpicked for the enjoyment of being outdoors. For example, near the entrance of the Luxembourg Gardens of what could have been a simple fountain, instead, sat an art piece.

Luxembourg Gardens

To add on, there was not one single part of the city that I found boring. Each church had its own sense of beauty along with the restaurants that stand beside them.


Although my journey to Paris was short, I have already created a list of all the places I will visit once I return.

Until next time,
Kazandra Zelaya