Living With My Tico Family

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Prior to arriving in Costa Rica, I was a little skeptical about my living arrangements with my host family. I assumed that I would miss out on several amenities, such as warm water for showers and internet. However, my Tico family provides everything I need while I am here.

My host family and I reside in Zapote, approximately fifteen minutes from downtown San Jose. Our neighborhood is one the safest in San Jose. We have security guards on every corner to protect families and watch for any criminal activity. At times, a guard would even escort me to the house to make sure I arrive safely.

Our home is a two-story house with two distinct areas, the main house and the student living area. So, it is like I have my own apartment with a “mini kitchen”, living room, and a study area. I only have to go downstairs for breakfast and dinner, or just to hangout with the family. Sometimes, I would even spend time with the dogs after having a long day.  

The meals are really great. For breakfast, my Tico mom would make rice and beans with eggs, pancakes, or breakfast sandwiches with ham and cheese. By far, my favorite is the rice and beans with eggs. For dinner, she makes pasta, spaghetti, tortillas, or a plate with beans, rice, meat, and salad. I enjoy making and eating tortillas.

Overall, I am happy with my decision to come to Costa Rica. The city and the people are really nice. My host family has exceeded my expectations with their generosity and hospitality.