Life is Short, Spice it Up

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In just a few days, my time in London comes to a close. Week three proved a tide turner in several ways, but especially in how it put me over the halfway point in my time here. With less of a hands on school schedule and more free time, an ebb in activity hit; a settling down and wasting of time partnered with the gloom and rain. However, one spontaneous move to spice up my life turned the tide for the better.

On Monday night, my group had a completely magical experience at the Bridge Theatre in attendance for an immersive Midsummer Night’s Dream, starring Game of Thrones Gwendoline Christie aka Brienne of Tarth. Then, the tide brought in showers for days, making outdoor exploring less possible and bringing my energy levels down.

Following a day of class tutorial, I made a trip through the rain to the British Library’s treasure collection for an assignment, discovering some of the library’s interesting archives from the Magna Carta to First Folio. That night, we saw something for the first time in our theatre trips. We actually saw a play that was…well, bad. Completely disappointing.

After an intriguing tour of the National Theatre, we began our “long weekend” (Thursday afternoon to Monday evening off). I initially found myself being too complacent. My plans for Paris fell through and I had a to-do list that I hardly felt like picking through. I will not say a little extra rest on our first day off was not needed because my knees and feet and everything have been exhausted day in and out. Yet, the subconscious get things done still loomed in my head with the thought of my ticking time.

I returned to Greenwich with a couple of my roommates for quick exploration and rediscovery. Though I did not go back to the buildings I fell in love with the first trip, I was able to roam the city street side of the tucked away London area.

I especially enjoyed the market full of interesting crafts and clothes as well as delicious food, including an exquisite black bun codfish burger that I could not resist, yet hardly finished eating. After the sight filled ride back in the afternoon, I rested for the day as the skies cleared away.

Saturday, with my flatmates and classmates all over the place, I was left on my own. Following a bleak Friday, my first best move was deciding to wake up at a decent time, pick a place from my list, and go to it.

The Wallace Collection was my first itinerary stop along with dropping off film for development. What put The Wallace Collection as a must see on my list is the famous The Swing painting by Fragonard.

That piece actually underwhelmed me compared to everything else within the lovely and decorative collection. I was extremely impressed and in awe of the masterpieces I stood before. After my visit to the Wallace Collection and picking up another successfully developed set of film prints, I returned to my flat.

Since before I arrived in London, one massive event sat in the back of my mind. I knew I needed to go; no matter what I needed to capitalize on this once in a life time opportunity. It is something I could only dream of before, yet London laid it right before me to pick up at my will. For days I scanned prices, but I shied away and missed them. So, when I got back to my museum all alone with no plans for the night, I dropped the pounds for a ticket, got dressed, and headed to Wembley. Then I entered Spice World.

With pop music loving older sisters, I am sure I have been listening to Wannabe by the Spice Girls since I was born and continuing throughout my life via various mediums. When I was in junior high and high school I went through an era when I was particularly invested in 90’s and early 2000’s music, especially that of groups like the Spice Girls and more. They were essentially one of the first and greatest girl groups of the era with the timeless classic Wannabe. They are also an emblem of girl power for the ages. Even if Posh would be skipping out on the Wembley shows, I refused to miss the final stage and it was worth every pence.

Venturing to Wembley for the concert was another of my solo excursions because understandably, my classmates were not as fully invested in the investment as I was. When I entered to to giant Spice World Globe on stage and scanned the amazing Wembley Stadium, I entered a state of surreality. Even as I had a few hours until the show began, the reality refused to sink in, I am still not sure it fully has.

I got standing tickets, so I was surrounded in the mix of thousands of spice girls and boys completely enraptured by our idols in the flesh. I sang, dance, laughed, almost cried, and loved every second of Spice World, not to mentioned the incredible, historical Wembley Stadium. It was an unbelievable dream come true. I am continuously reminding myself that Spice World and everything I have done in London was real and I gleefully smile back at it.

I continue to emphasize that in times I spent off alone in the city are times I feel most like a true Londoner and not simply an American tourist. Being around Americans all from the same area somewhat takes away from the full round experience because I am always interacting with brits for long.

I am for the most part an independent person, but going places like concerts, movie theatre, or restaurants alone can have a stigma. Nevertheless, being here I have learned to shake off the nerves and feelings of inadequacy. They are not worth not going to the concert. Life is short and I have no regret from deciding to spice up my life by buying the Spice World ticket nor the one to London.