Last Week of School

Hi Everyone,

This week was my very last week of school at Beijing Normal University. School is not officially over yet; I still have finals and 6 more days in Beijing. However if four months flew by as quickly as it did, 6 days is almost nothing in comparison! During this week, as I strolled down the campus streets, I felt so much more appreciative of my environment because I know I won’t come back for perhaps many years. I am really going to miss the food over here. I really liked eating 串 (chuan), which are delicious meat skewers, as a late night snack. I will especially miss the friends I’ve made within these four months!  The one good thing about leaving though is that I won’t be breathing polluted air back at home!! However, there are some good days in Beijing. For example.. Friday! 

Friday in Beijing

                                        We can see the sky!! Yay!  :)

So other than reflecting on life in Beijing, starting Wednesday, I have 4 finals next week! I am little bit nervous because I don’t have very much time left to study. But I mean on the brighter side, I have Monday and Tuesday to prepare for the exam!!