Last week in Hong Kong

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My last week in Hong Kong was full of meetings and full of listening to presentations. I had lots of things to do for work, even on my final day. All this time, one of my main projects was working on an environmental app which will track people’s plastic waste. During my last week the design of that app was already past digital, so we had to make many decisions on future changes and constructive criticism to give back to the designer.  I cannot give more details about that project because it still isn’t finished yet. Hopefully, it will be launched this year.

The second main project was working for 100 degrees C and presenting our final directory from the research. As seminar project we offered a 2018-2019 timeline of seminars with possible speakers. For this project, I had to introduce the work as well as explain what kind of work we do with the company, so that once we leave they can take over that project.

Some of my co-workers invited me to visit an island, famous among local people, before leaving Hong Kong. This island is well known because of their bun competition. I was able to eat one of their favorite buns and explore the beautiful island landscape. These two co-workers wanted me to relax and try to enjoy my last week in Hong Kong, and let me tell you: the visit to the island was excellent.

Famous buns.


My co-worker exploring.


More exploring.

On my last day, my boss invited us out for bowling, but it was raining, and it took us more than two hours to get there;  since we needed to take a taxi to go to the place and the lines for taxis were so long thanks to the rain. However, we made it to the place that day, and after bowling I had to get ready to fly out the next morning.

This is how my internship abroad ended, and if someone asks me if I can describe my experience in one word, I will say that it was an adventure! In an adventure you never know what to expect or what will happen, but in the end you did it and have many stories to tell.