Last week in China

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Nanjing Happy Magic Watercube

         On my last weekend in Nanjing, I went to the Nanjing Happy Magic Watercube. This is one of the best water parks in Nanjing and It was my first time at water park. There were showtime with music and many big water slides. I enjoyed the showtime in the waterpark because there were artificial wave beach.

Also, I tried different water slides and they were a little bit scare but they were very fun. I spent almost seven hours in the water park with my classmates. We left there before eight at night because I was afraid that public transportation would close at late night.


I went to Nanjing Happy Magic Watercube with my classmates on the weekend. I tried different slides and they were very cool.

Last week in Nanjing

          On the last week of class, we did Taiji, Kung Fu and we went for two trips. We also did Chinese painting in the Chinese calligraphy class. We painted the Cherry Blossom painting, and this was our last homework in the Chinese calligraphy class. In addition, I was studying for the whole week to prepare for my final exam. Friday was our last day of class and our final test date. We got the grade on the same day, and I was happy that I passed the class.

         Nanjing Massacre Museum was my last trip in Nanjing. This is also a memorial hall to remind the people that there were more than three hundred thousand Chinese were killed during the massacre by the Imperial Japanese Army. This is one of the reasons that many Chinese hate Japanese. I also learned that there were many planes dropped many bombs in Nanjing. I spent almost two hours in the memorial, and I know this memorial is not for hatred the Japanese.


Inside of the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders. More than three hundred thousands of victims during the invasion of Nanjing.

Leaving Nanjing

      We took the bullet train, and we left Nanjing in the morning. After we arrived at Suzhou Bullet train station, Frank was waiting for us. He was our tour guide for the rest day in China. He took us to the Suzhou Museum, and he explained the person who designed the museum and the history of the city of Suzhou.

      We also visited Tiger Hill, and it was a sunny day. I could see a Pagoda on the top of the hill. We climbed and reached the top of the mountain. After we climbed the hill, we walked around through the bamboo, and this made me feel that I was in the forest. 

       Our last stop in Suzhou was in Tongli. Tongli is an ancient water town in Suzhou. We walked around the water town, and we also ate in a local restaurant. We also took a boat ride in Tongli. I enjoyed the whole trip in Suzhou, and I have a feeling that Suzhou is a city of green space.

Last stop Shanghai

      After spending two days and a half-day in Suzhou, we went to Shanghai in the afternoon. Shanghai was the last destination of my trip. First, we went to Nanjing Road, and this was one of the busiest shopping streets in China. Later, we had dinner, and we went to the Shanghai Grand theatre to watch their opera.

      The next day, we went to the Shanghai museum, and we saw much ancient Chinese art. I also saw the ancient Chinese currency and a one-hundred-dollar bill of Citibank. After that, we went to the Shanghai Tower in the afternoon. This is the second tallest tower in the world with a height of 632 meters and 128 floors.

However, visitors only can access to the 118th and 119th floor. This building has the fastest elevator in the world, and it took us less than one minute to the top of the building. When I went to the 119th floor, I could see the whole of the city in Shanghai. If I had more time in Shanghai, I would like to go to the top of the building without the elevator.


Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world and the tallest building in China. This building was opened to the public in 2016.

      At night we took a night cruise in Shanghai, and this was our last night in Shanghai. I saw many tall buildings with light, and we were surrounded around the buildings. I have a feeling that Shanghai is more beautiful than New York City because of the numbers of lights that I could see at night. It took us almost 45 minutes for the cruise, and we got home at ten-thirty p.m.


Amazing night view in Shanghai when taking Huangpu river cruise.

The next morning we went to the Yu Garden. This was our last trip to China. However, we spent there less than an hour because of the weather. We left early, and we went back to the hotel because we had to be at the airport in the afternoon. I ordered food online since we did not have enough time for ordering food in a restaurant. Then, we arrived at the airport at three in the afternoon. We left Shanghai at eight at night, and we arrived at Guangzhou to transfer a flight to our home in New York.