Last-Minute Christchurch Things

Read all the exciting things our scholars have been up to!

This girl is graduated!!! Well, not officially because I have to wait until spring 2020 to walk at Vandy’s ceremony, but I completed my last undergrad finals and submitted the last few forms for my internship so yayyyy, I’m (technically) done with university!!!

After my Genetics exam last week, I just crashed in bed and caught up on some well-deserved sleep. And Netflix of course. This week I’ve just been relaxing and squeezing in a few last-minute CVOC responsibilities and Christchurch attractions. On Monday, I went into the Hub and began the arduous task of data-entering all of the resource delivery and pickup forms from March until present-day onto a spreadsheet and we visited some families for a quick social visit and check up. On Tuesday, I just Netflixed my brains out. But the rest of the week has been jam-packed full of quintessential Christchurch things: on Wednesday Lizzie and I went to the Christchurch Art Gallery and then Boo Radley’s for a quick nightcap.

The Christchurch Art Gallery’s inspirational message: “Everything is going to be alright.”
My favorite art piece of the night at the ChCh art gallery

On Friday, we went to the gardens at Mona Vale, had a goodbye dim sum lunch with our other two flatmates, and then headed off to the nearby New Brighton beach and library. The New Brighton branch is probably my second-favorite library in Christchurch—it’s very small but peaceful, and its waterfront views beat even Turanga’s cityscape.

Why, of course gazebo-lighting at Mona Vale is the best lighting!
The beautiful sunset views at New Brighton pier, which is right next to the library!

Finally, today we woke up bright and early for the Lyttelton market because Lyttelton is about an hour bus-ride away. I’m glad we did though because the individual stalls and the local stores were really cute! I was hungry so the only thing I purchased was a butty—basically a one-slice sandwich. The town of Lyttelton is pretty small, and has a very hipster vibe, but it’s very quaint and we ended up doing the quick Corsair Bay walk. It was a good last nature walk—very Kiwiesque with its beautiful views of the water, the vegetation, etc. I can never get over how clear and blue the water is here.

Tomorrow we have some other touristy things planned, and Lizzie and I are planning on rising up early for the Christchurch Market, so hopefully next week’s post will be full of cool adventures!

What I’ve learned:

1) A butty is a one-slice “sandwich” wrapped around the key components of said sandwich

2) To remember what season a garden is best experienced in—I definitely forgot that winter is not kind to flowers until we arrived at Mona Vale

What I need to learn:

1) When my final course grades come out; hopefully I managed to pass my classes!

2) How to truly appreciate art, like, pretentious-art-student appreciate instead of just saying “Ooh this looks cool”