Last class!

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Hey everyone!

Today is my last class and tomorrow I start my journey to Fukuoka (2 1/2 hour train ride from Nagasaki) to go to the airport. I found out what my grade was on my final exam for my regular Japanese language class and I got an 82%! I’m so happy I passed! I’ve tried so hard to keep up with that class throughout the whole semester. The class I got placed into I feel was a bit over my head and maybe just a little more advanced than my level (same with my kanji 3 class); however I pulled through with that 82%! This is what my teacher said when I asked for my score:

エミリーさん 最後の試験の点数は82点でした。よくがんばりました^^

Basically she said that I’m often trying my hardest/best. I know she watched me stumble at first and I kept getting better. I am thankful for her guidance and I know that I have gained so much ?