I Joined a Dance Society

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So I joined a dance group this semester, and three weeks ago, we performed in front of a crowd of over 200 people. And I had the time of my life.

I’ve always loved dancing ever since I was a little boy, and in college, I was part of a dance group for three semesters. Coming into Hong Kong, I knew I wanted to be part of the dance society as the dance culture here is such a huge thing according to the TV dramas I grew up watching. I remember at the audition, I was so nervous and messed up so badly that I legit though I wasn’t going to make it. However, I guess they saw something in me and decided to accept me to be part of the Jazz Funk Team, and that was the beginning of a very long dance journey.

Practice is 4 days a week – Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday – and 3-4 hours per day. That adds up to a whopping 12-16 hours a week. That literally exceeded my expectations as I was used to having 3 hours practice per week back at my home university. On top of that, everyone was so amazingly talented and seemed to be getting everything so quickly. I was feeling so insecure, but luckily, I met a local female friend and she was really patient and taught me the moves step by step.

Once show day approached, I realized that there was also something different. Instead of performing on stage, we were going to perform in a park where we could be seen from every angle. On top of that, my outfit was kind of scandalous and exposing, but that’s another story. On the day of the show, there was so many people that I was so excited yet nervous. However, once the music hit, I let all my inhibitions go and started to channel my inner Britney Spears. I felt sassy, I felt fierce, and I definitely felt confident.

Looking back, I am so happy to have made the decision to be part of the dance team. Even though it was a huge time commitment, I met some really cool people and it seems like they’re my second family as I literally saw them almost every day. I am really going to miss seeing this group of talented and loving individuals. I am not sure if I am going to join again next semester, but I am happy to say that I joined a dance group in Hong Kong and performed in a crowd of over 200 people.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qEooUghs4E