I’ve landed!

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Greetings from the other side of the world, more specifically Seoul, South Korea! Before I even start talking about anything here, let me start with the plane ride. Maybe it can help you out during your trip. First things first, if you planning on buying snacks at the airport before your departure. I would not recommend waiting till you find your gate and then looking for food because more than likely the lines are super long. I would recommend buying food as soon as you see it and not waiting till closer to departure. Also, in case you forgot your blanket, do not worry because more than likely your airline should have you covered.
My plane ride was approximately 15 hours with one-stop. Honestly, it went by more quickly than I thought, watching movies back to back helped. You also get wifi on the plane which, I thought was pretty cool. My favorite part of my ride was the food! It was delicious and, I loved how constantly they give out snacks in between your main meals. Landing and going through security through the airport was not that bad because mostly they spoke English. What was a hassle was going to the Covid testing center to get tested before you get to your Airbnb. It was a hassle because you have to stand in long lines outside in the heat, the workers couldn’t understand the information I was providing for them to test me, and the worst part was the actual covid test just because of how far they stuck up the cotton stick.
I would recommend downloading a translator app on your phone before landing. Also, I forgot to tell you guys, as soon as you are done with security. There are mini-stores in the airport that help with phone services and money exchange. I would bring extra cash on you to exchange into your country’s currency because most taxis take cash and get your phone situation figured out in case you didn’t get an international plan.
South Korea required its’ foreigners to quarantine for two weeks through an app that tracked you and also checked up on you daily. If you are going to South Korea ad you need an app for food, I would recommend downloading shuttle! It has so many different options and does contactless deliveries. Thank god I had my best friend with me that also came on the same study abroad program because if it wasn’t for the countless uno games, reading together, drawing each other, and so much more. I would have gone crazy.
Now that I’m finally out let me tell you how amazing the food tastes here. I got to try different cuisines every day that had my taste buds dancing. You would think that South Korea would not have anything to offer but ramen and kimchi but, the food here is on a different level. I think for me the food here is way better than what I would eat generally in the United States. I haven’t gotten to explore yet but, so far I’m loving it!!! Keep you guys posted!