It’s Officially Over

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July 23, 2023, 18:08:56 JST

Well, just finished my last final for this semester. Summer vacation has just started for me and I am relieved that exams are officially over. This week has been just constant studying and planning and I am just over-thrilled that I managed to take all of my exams. Still, studying Japanese here in Japan has been fun and even though it is almost over, I am going to miss going to class every week and greeting my friends and professors here at Waseda University. But one thing is for sure, with everything I am building myself up to be, I am sure I will meet them again someday. But just because my study abroad experience is almost at a close, does not mean that my passion for learning is too. I will be continuing to improve my Japanese as much as I can meanwhile I am here until I return to the United States. Since I will be taking the JPLT sometime in the future, I want to make sure that I improve my Japanese as much as I can. I also want to take the time to fully get out of my experience here by doing my traveling and going to different places across Japan.

As far as my academics go, I do want to try to work here for a certain time; which is why I have applied for many internships and full-time job opportunities here in Japan. I plan to be able to work here meanwhile having the chance to continue to improve my Japanese at the same time. I know one company where I interned last year has an upcoming internship opportunity available for the fall and I am hoping for them to reach out to me. But if all does not go well, I still have some opportunities when I return home.

Previously, I said that I have been feeling really worried and anxious because of school and life in general. During the past couple of weeks, I have been talking to everyone, including myself, about what I have been feeling during this time abroad. Some of the feelings that I have expressed to everyone, from happy to sad, worry to relief, made me feel a little more relaxed but even now, I can’t help but just continue to have a little worry about the future. However, being optimistic has been my biggest asset to continue to grow as a person and I am thankful for doing so myself. I just want to make sure to not have any regrets here in this amazing country. Exploring a new country, experiencing a new culture, and learning a new language, is something I will never forget.

I had an amazing time here as an exchange student which is why I don’t want it to end. But like all good things, they must come to an end for a new one to take place. I hope all of you reading this, decide to make the correct decision for your life. Whether you are someone currently studying abroad, thinking about studying abroad, or just wanting to try something new, never settle for less; become someone always eager to get more out of life. Earlier I said that I would be traveling to new places during summer vacation, so I will be taking so many pictures to share with you all. This will be the last update I will give as far as my study abroad program goes, for now. Nevertheless, I will be keeping you all updated with my travels here in Japan. Take care everyone and I will talk to you very soon.