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Greetings and salutations, my name is Tiffany Simmons. Currently, I am a 2D Fine Art and Art History double major with a minor in Japanese. I have dreamed about going to Japan for years. So when I came to college last year and heard about the study abroad program, I knew this was my chance to see Japan. I leave for Nagoya on the 31st of August and right now I am practically clawing at the walls with excitement. Although, I’m a little sad to be leaving all my friends and family, and a bit scared to be traveling to a foreign country.  

To be perfectly frank, there were times during this process when I felt like I was on a raft full of French crazies on sea of murky water.* So if you are trying to study abroad and feel like this too, rejoice and know you are not alone! It has been a long journey, getting everything ready, but I know it will pay off. I hope you will stay. Just one more week until I reach Nippon!

 *For anyone who is not an art major or if you just didn’t know the French Raft reference: