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I cannot stress how much Seoul has to offer. I have about 20 days left here in Seoul. Most would think that 20 days is plentiful to explore a city. I think I need to live in Seoul for a year to fully enjoy everything it has to offer. One of the areas that define Seoul is Insadong. This area is full of shops selling traditional Korean items from souvenirs, ceramic, art, and food. You name it, they have it.

There’s also many galleries to visit. In one building there’s a different gallery on each floor. I probably visited 10 galleries in one day since they’re all so close to each other. I actually talked to a lady at a gallery in Korean! I managed to tell her I was a Vietnamese American student. I struggled for so long trying to tell her that I’ve been in Seoul since June. In the end she understood the gist and I was happy to have used my Korean skills.

Anyways after visiting the galleries, my friend and I did some window shopping. The main things you can buy in Insadong are: traditional Korean items, souvenirs, artisan crafts. It’s very popular for tourists and even if I was a local I’d still go there often. There’s lots of energy and a creative vibe in the air. About a 20 minute walk away is Cheonggyecheon and Gwanghwamun Square. It bit further away is Dongdaemun Design Plaza. This area of Seoul is pretty much the city center. I love how everything is so close together. Many tourists are able to experience Seoul during their layover because of the convenience of walking from one attraction to the other. Seoul is a great place. –commence sightseeing hyperdrive-!