In the Heights

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I have a secret. I have had never been to a musical before. That is until this past Tuesday when I went to see the musical, “In the Heights.” The musical was primarily in Korean but there was a lot of Spanish and some English since it is based on a less fortunate Hispanic neighborhood in New York. I’m surprised I understood most of of it with the little Korean I know, but the Spanish in the songs also helped me out a lot. I found it very amusing that I would laugh at certain parts because only I could understand them since they were in Spanish. Then there were other parts where I was the only one not laughing since the Korean people could understand but not me.

My favorite thing about this musical was that I got to see my culture portrayed by people that come from a completely different cultural background than me. At times it made me very proud to be who I am and to see how far I’ve come in life. That made me appreciate my stay in Korea even more than before, because I know how hard I’ve worked to get here. I know it’s not the same for other, so I’m very grateful for what my parents have done for me.

I went to this musical expecting it to be like going to the movie theater, but just fancier. I never expected to have a self reflection moment, so I’m so glad I choose this musical as my first musical to ever watch.

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside during the performance, but I did take these before I went in. I also bought a notebook with one of the characters, as a souvenir from my first musical.