In Louvre with Paris

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The Musée du Louvre displays more than 35,000 works of art and 380,000 objects in more than 652,000 square feet. It is the largest and most visited art museum in the world. Home to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world, there is always a line to see it. As a student in the EU, I could visit the Louvre for free. Many museums in Paris allow you to enter for free if you are a student, such as the Museum of the Orangery, which holds Monet’s Water Lillies, Picasso Museum, Musée d’Orsay, Petit Palais, and more! If there is a charge, you can visit for free on the first Sunday of every month, where many galleries and monuments are open to the public.
Visiting the Louvre was an incredible experience. I entered through the glass pyramid and headed toward the Mona Lisa. On the way to Mona, I saw many beautiful statues and sculptures. One of my favorite exhibits was the Statues of France, where many figures were placed in a large opening with a glass ceiling. When I arrived at the Mona Lisa, I was excited to see the masterpiece that had been through so much. It was the size of two sheets of paper, and she looked at you from all angles of the room. One of the most emblematic portraits, it certainly was worth the excitement.
One of the rooms that were closed on the day I was visiting was the Napoleon III Apartments, which I was looking forward to seeing because of its beautiful chandeliers, gold walls, and red interior. Luckily, I only live a 20-minute metro ride away, and with free entrance, I can go any time I am available! However, if you want to visit a museum in Paris, there are better days to go than Tuesday as many galleries are closed!