I will travel to all the nations of Africa

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My goal is to visit every country in Africa. I am  not sure how long it will take to accomplish this, but I am hoping that it will get done. I decided this sometime in high school and my passion to accomplish this helped me obtain a spot on my high school’s senior project trip to Ghana. It was  the second nation I had visited, aside from Morocoo. I think my love for the various cutlures of Africa, pushed me to start this journey. I am fascinated by the languages, clothing, cuisines, music and dances that have been created by those in Africa. I am very excited and little nervous about this trip. It is the first time I will be traveling on my own without a group. I booked my own ticket and I will be responsible for making  connecting flights and getting to my destination. Although, it all excites me because this is a new adventure and it is the start of something beautiful and possibly life changing. Each trip that I have taken thus far has left a mark on me. I have learned so much about myself and other’s cultures. The memories I have made are priceless and I look forward to making many more while in Madagascar. It just so happens that I got lucky with the study abroad program I have chosen. I am a nursing student with a desire to work and possibly obtain a degree abroad and I was looking for a program based in health. SIT World Learning happened to have a summer health program that was located on the beautiful island of Madagascar. I have learned that the island has a very different mixture of ethnicities (Malayo-Indonesian , Cotiers (mixed African, Malayo-Indonesian, and Arab ancestry) , French, Indian, Creole, and Comoran) and I am eager to learn more about the various cultures on the island. I am a dancer and am co-president of the first African dance team on my campus. I would love to learn some traditional dances while abraod and bring them back to share with my team. That is one goal I hope to accomplish while over there.