How to Escape the ‘Herd Effect’

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Hello Everyone!

I am finally counting down the final week of my travels in Asia. I cannot believe two months have gone by so fast. From China to Singapore and Taiwan, everything has been an unforgettable adventure. 

This week, my classamtes and I traveled to Taipei for a couple days to explore. Unfortunately, it was raining pretty hard and we didn’t get to see hardly anything from the top of 101, but overall it was well worth going.

Currently, I am feeling a little restricted. I spent the past two months traveling and working by myself in China and I feel that while in Taiwan I have lost some of that freedom. It isn’t just me who has felt a little restrained, other classmates get tired of the guided tours and the constant class time. Therefore, I have come up with a couple ways to curb the Herd Effect, so you can go out and not feel quite as limited.

What I usually do is first look up places that are interesting to go that are not on our tour list. Not only should you look up interesting places, but also places far away like a beach or mountains. After you have found the place you want to visit, pick a time and go for it. Tell your roommate you are leaving and just have your own personal adventure. This is really relaxing and a nice break from everything.

I did this a couple times so far and I might have had more fun on those excursions than with my classmates. But, I hope that when or if you study abroad, you can find that perfect balance between alone time and work time.

Until next week,