Hong Kong Slang

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The two major cities that use Cantonese are Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Although the language is mostly identical, their slang is remotely different. The Hong Kong dialect adds many more interjections to the end of their speech than Guangzhou residents. These can even be seen in their writing or messaging. These interjections are used for softening of their speech, and is especially used by students and young adults.

Inflection Endings

1. “lor” and “ar”. How are doing, ar?

“Lor” is used for “just that” or answering why or how questions. I was just at the movie theatres with my friends lor.

Hong Kong College Student Slang:

1. Ho-chur. Very busy. I’m ho-chur this week with two deadliens to meet by Friday!

2. Ging å‹. Powerful and

3. Chew è¶…。 Super, extreme.

4. Zha 炸 is used in the context of blowing up of anger and rage. “Why did she just zha in front of us?”

5. 部电脑HANG左。 The computer crashed.

6. è¿‘排點呀. How have you been lately?

On the bus ride to the lab, I overheard the students on the shuttle bus talk about their workload for this week. These slang terms are popular among students and young females adults.

Below is short list of Hong Kong slang: https://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/phorum/read.php?1,91109,92677