Holi Festival – Spring 2013

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In my Indian film class, we had to do a project. Most people opted to write a report of some kind. I took the more difficult, yet much more fun route, and opted to organize an event for an upcoming holiday celebration in Indian culture: Holi.

Holi is a spring festival celebrated in Hindu culture to welcome the Spring. It is know as the festival of colors and can be easily identified by its messy aftermath of people covered in colored powders and water.

As the organizer, I took personal responsibility in making any and all arrangements necessary for the event. I made the catering arrangements, flyers, did a lot of promoting for the event, and along with my other group members, chose the music and choreographed the dance. It took a lot of time and planning, but in the end was a very successful event and I am very proud of it.

I think the festival was well received. We had a much bigger turn out than anyone anticipated. People were waiting in a big mob outside of the classroom for the festival to start, which was a beautiful sight to see. Students were engaged, participating in the dance, actively listening to the presentation, and happily making a mess with the colors. By the end of the festival, I had different colored hair and a purple/orange face. It was a great time.

Please check out the pictures and videos.

Happy Holi!!!