Happy November!

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Winter is officially here. I think I said that before in my last post, but what makes it more official this time is the snow! It snowed the other night and only after a few hours- my balcony and the grass area outside my dormitory were completely covered. We got so excited so we went out to play with the snow for a little bit. We made snow angels, rolled down a small hill, and had a mini snow ball fight! :) Here are some photos from the night:



Lately, the sun has also been setting quite early- around 4:15PM! Isn’t that crazy? It makes me appreciate the sun so much more- so instead of walking through a shopping mall to get to the metro, I would walk around so I could enjoy a little bit more of sunshine each day :-) Here is another picture of Copenhagen during the day time! When the ground isn’t covered with snow, there are leaves everywhere- so nice to be able to experience actual fall season for the first time ever.


And here is a photo of Copenhagen at 4:15PM!


With the winter season comes the hygge vibes! This week, my friend hosted a wine & cheese night. Who knew that cheese and olives could be so yummy :-) We talked about politics, our classes, and played cards. It’s always nice to have a solid group of friends who you could talk about everything and anything with. It’s sad that some of them will be leaving me soon- not sure if I’ll meet people as great as them next semester or would I have to learn to be more independent? Either way, I think I will be happy regardless. Copenhagen is such a lovely city and I still so much to do and see; my current goal is to explore more, especially outside the city center.

Here is a photo from our wine and cheese nice :-) It was my first, ever! The presentation may not be the best but I truly enjoyed this night with the best company.