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            Halloween is here! What a weird feeling being in Thailand, where Halloween is definitely not a thing. Today is also one of my friend’s birthday in the program. The program decides to throw her a surprise costume birthday party and we’d end the night with a scary movie. Once I found my Halloween costume, I was totally ready to get my costume on and going. Then suddenly, I realized that Halloween is celebrated here in Thailand, so it was really awkward to walk out of my room with half of my face painted.

            The experience of walking down the road to the program office for the movie was quite scary. Fortunately, it was dark so no one could really see me; however, cars constantly drive through our area, so as the cars drive by, their lights hit my face and………….I wonder if people were scared of me or just thought I was crazy. Probably the second idea.

            Anyways, it was a good night. I didn’t get to see the whole movie (The Conjuring) because I am so so busy with work here, but it was overall good. I am also glad I didn’t see the whole movie because I hear that paranormal activities happen quite a bit here in Thailand. But I have not experienced this yet. I hope not to. I am a huge fan of horror films, but not here 555555(Hahahaha).

Talk to you all soon!