Goodbye Internship! – Week 4

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June 23rd

Week 4!!!! I’m finally freeeeeeee!

This week has been…. exhausting. I’ve been extremely depressed from my internship, and haven’t even been able to enjoy my time in Tokyo at all. I haven’t even seen Tokyo Tower.. what?!

It’s been so depressing to stay indoors and do all of my boss’s tedious work for him. I’ll admit, I’ve been so sad this week I’ve cried myself to sleep a few times. (Yes, it’s pathetic. Cut me some slack okay?!)

So, guess what?

I quit!!!!

I sent my boss a resignation letter, on Friday and already my mood has been way better… I’m so happy..! I even got my appetite back, and I’ve been able to go shopping in Shibuya last Saturday!!

Plus, when I got back from shopping I was able to talk to some of my roommates and one of them made me a mini cream cake! SO CUTE!! I love my roommates so much, they lift my mood and make me feel so happy, I appreciate them so much! If you ever have the chance to come to Japan, I would definitely suggest staying at a sharehouse.

So, unfortunately, my internship ate up most of this week… so, not much to report. But hopefully, next week will bring more excitement! I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated!!