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Me hard at work, working hard. Art pieces in the background by Oren Pinhassi.

I was recently asked to recognise 3 main goals of my internship. It served as a great exercise to help focus my energy for my time as an intern. I find setting goals helpful and important, as it keeps me on track.

Goal 1: gain experience in the art world

Since I do not know what direction I want to go in with my art degree, I’m using this internship as a test-run to see what aspects I like and dislike of working in a gallery, and if I ultimately want to continue on this path. Regardless if I end up wanting to work in a gallery or not, this experience will be a learning one. To contribute to successfully achieving this goal, I will work my hardest at my job in order to get the full effect of a gallery position.

Goal 2: become more time-efficient

Going to the gym is a huge hobby of mine. However, after long workdays I often find excuses to stay home and rest. Though rest days are important, I’d still like to make it to the gym at least 3 times a week. In order to achieve this goal, I need to find a balance with my time so that I can do my internship work, schoolwork, and gym work weekly.

Goal 3: have fun and make the most of this experience

It is cliché, but I believe life is to be lived in an enjoyable way. Otherwise, what is the point? Of course I will be diligent and focused, but there is also a balance in that which allows for fun. With one week of interning under my belt, I can say that I have both learned a lot and have had fun – at the same time. For example, we had an exhibition opening. I was on the clock but I got to socialise with the guests and exchange thoughts on the pieces. I would like to continue my internship with a positive and friendly demeanour that will enhance my internship experience.