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Hi Everyone!! It has been a while since I have written a blog and I missed writing down all of my past adventures to share with you all. November just began last week and it is already moving so quickly and I have no idea what to make of that. Guys, it’s literally a countdown now, I only have five full weeks left of studying abroad; which is absolutely RIDICULOUS to me. I always love beginning my blogs with how many weeks I have left abroad to remind myself to always take advantage of the memories, and the little time I have left here.
As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, DIS provides you with two study tours that you attend with your core course class. I already went on mine back in early September and early October. For students that didn’t attend their study tours back in October, they went this past week in November. Since I already went on my class tour, I decided to take a break and travel to London…alone! My first ever solo trip and it was in Europe!!
I had such a great time guys, I arrived on Monday evening and I left on Thursday morning. I really wanted to have at least 2 full days to really explore and to take advantage of the beautiful city of London. I think I achieved my goal of making sure of that. I’m going to give you guys a little recap of what I did!
On Tuesday, I went on the infamous London Eye and it was absolutely spectacular! I loved the views of the city and even though I am terrified of heights, I made sure to keep my eyes open for this one! Then after this, I went on a five hour walking tour (I KNOW!!), where I literally had the opportunity to see all of the famous tourist attractions and other sights in London. This included Buckingham Palace, Big Ben clock tower, Nelson’s Column, Westminster Abbey, the London Bridge and St.Paul’s Cathedral! I calculated and I walked a total of 25,005 steps that day, what a blast! My favorite sightseeing part was seeing the iconic London red telephone booths!
On my second day, I did some fun excursions on my own. I went to this interactive exhibition called Dopamine Land and it was so much going through all the cool rooms that they had. Following this, I then went to this fancy place to have some quality tea time! This was an absolute must, I was in a country that is known for high end tea! This experience was also so, so much fun. The place was Alice in Wonderland themed named “Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea” and the tea was delicious! Then, I wrapped up my day with a nice dinner in the city.
Going on this trip, I had extreme anxiety seeing as I was traveling by myself in a different country that I have never been to. I kept thinking that I wasn’t going to enjoy myself, and that I would feel very lonely. But, I had an absolute blast and I learned that I am really good with time and navigation. I had to take public transit to everywhere I went because I refused to pay for the expensive taxis in London! I think navigating the Copenhagen train system boosted my confidence in taking public transportation any and everywhere and I didn’t get lost at all.
Asking strangers to take my photos and praying they don’t run away with my phone was truly a highlight of this trip for me. All in all, this trip taught me to not be afraid to travel alone and to have more faith in myself when navigating new places!Don’t be afraid of solo traveling, it’s so fun!

Cheers!, from 🇬🇧