Giving Back Activity

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On May 2, 2014 I was able to take part in FLIS and give back to my local community. Partnering with the Yamada Language Center (YLC), which is a resource center for language teaching and learning; we were able to welcome university and high school students for a Foreign Language and International Studies Day (FLIS). FLIS Day is Oregon’s largest foreign language and culture event. FLIS presenters come from more than 40 different countries, including faculty from Linguistics, International Studies, and offer over 100 language and cultural presentations.

During FLIS Day I presented about my experience studying abroad in Mumbai as well as encouraging high school students to pursue a similar study aboard opportunity when they reach college. At first I was somewhat nervous standing and presenting in front of the high school students. But my presentation was definitely a success. I think I was able to show them a different side of India and really help the high school kids especially interested in business, as to why this program is so important.   

I also worked with IMovie to create an eight-minute movie clip that highlighted stepping out of the familiar, and into the challenge of a new language, new culture, new food, new environment and new ways of viewing the whole world. The video was definitely the highlight of my whole presentation. They really loved it and I think I did a pretty good job for working with IMovie for the first time.

Through the video I was able to give them a quick insight on my travels as well as demonstrate how studying abroad can build confidence, shift perspectives and impart vital job and life skills in our ever-changing, globalized world. The presentation also included my weekly written blogs in a PowerPoint format, which included pictures and explanations of my experience throughout my weeks in Mumbai. I was also able to talk about the FEA Scholarship and the Organization and how wonderful and supportive you all were throughout my travels. I was able to give the student’s insights on how the whole application process looks like and tips on answering the scholarship questions.

All in all, through this presentation I was able to get across the message that anyone can study abroad anywhere in the world, no matter what socioeconomic class they belong to or where they came from.