Give-back Project Complete!

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So this week, I completed my project for giving back to my host university (Ritsumeikan)! For my project, my twin and I got the chance to participate in Ritsumeikan’s Global Gateway Program; a special class designed for students planning to study abroad. While most of the students in the class were native, there were quite a few who were from diverse countries. We decided to participate in two classes; the first on May 28th during 6th period (6:00pm-7:30) and the second on June 3rd during 5th period (4:20-5:50).

As guest speakers, my twin and I decided to promote education abroad at our home university; Florida International University (FIU). It was great to talk about campus life and the many unique things at my school, including the wide variety of clubs, food, and the many options for majors and certificates. We then focused on life in Miami, so that student s who were interested would know what to expect if they did decide to go to FIU.

During the first class, the teacher had some of the students make presentations about their home university as well. After giving our presentation, we got to watch presentations about Ritsumeikan, a technology school in Mexico, Lund University in Sweden, and Egypt. It was interesting to learn about different schools around the world.

For the second class, we got to have a nice Q&A session after our presentation. It was nice to see many students interested in life in Miami, FIU, and myself!

Overall, I really enjoyed this project! It was nice to share my experience abroad with students who were especially interested in education abroad. I also made friends with some of the students at both sessions, since we all had one important passion in common; exploring the world!