Getting Destroyed by Korean Midterm Exams

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Midterm week is finally over for me. Now it is time to learn from my mistakes and recover from the damage. I am estimating out of 6 classes, I will have 3 A’s, 1 B, and 2 D’s. I will not complain or make excuses for my performance. However, I will mention that the strategies that got my strait A’s in the United States do not work here. This particular education system places a lot of importance on memorization and mathematics.

The semester is only half over. I have 8 weeks until final exams. What will I do about it? I will begin by reading all my texts the weekend before the classes, not afterwards. Second, I will meet up with my classmates in order to work together on the practice exercises. Third, I will meet up with my professors in order to go over my poor exams. Finally, I will only study the weekend before exams. Last weekend, I did some volunteering and tutoring. Now it seems I am the one that needs the tutor.

I am still really satisfied to be a C level student in Korean rather than top of my class in United States. Education isn’t just test scores. It is about learning how to adapt to new situations and how to solve problems.