Germany: A Place with Medically Rich History!

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During my trip abroad I was able to explore 2 cities in Germany. The first of which being Leipzig and the second begin Berlin. Both were astoundingly beautiful, and I learned so much while exploring both cities.

The main sight to see in Leipzig was an Egyptian museum. I saw so many sarcophagi and Egyptian artifacts that paint a very interesting view into their civilization and customs. Being that they were able to make mummies, they were able to pioneer medicine in their own way. The Egyptians also left us behind ancient medical papyri that detailed different treatments and remedies for diseases and other ailments.

In Berlin, I was able to see one of these documents a couple feet away from me at a local Art museum oddly enough. It was so unbelievably inspiring to see a document from over three thousand years ago in front of me that talked about diseases that still plague us today. It shows me how centric medicine is to the human experience and how it is something that extends far beyond modern times. Aside from this museum, Berlin reminded me a lot of New York. The bustling streets and the diversity felt like home.

Berlin is also famous for the creation and eventual destruction of the Berlin Wall over. I was able to touch and see one of the last standing pieces of the Berlin wall within the city and it was a very heartwarming experience to know what the city had gone through during those times. Families were separated and individuals were raised not knowing what the other half of their city was like.

Overall, Germany allowed me to get in touch with even more ancient medical history as well as the history its people have had to endure in recent years. It was genuinely such a beautiful place, and I cannot wait to go back at some point in my life!