Food Culture Intro

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This week was one full of rest and relaxation.
I took a few days to myself at the beginning of the week to recoup and have some rest prior to starting my second class.
Nordic Culinary Culture so far has been very interesting. Learning the difference in food culture here in Denmark versus the US and the emphasis they’re trying to make in establishing their own cuisine from their own land is very interesting. It is a different class format to that I’m used to, but it’s a learning experience. This week as a class we went to the local hospitality school and created our own salad dinner picked from their garden (seen below). Also, we went to a communal style dining hall that was within a reformed church and had a unique, warming ambiance. It was only $8 for the meal which was vegetable curry with bread and a side salad, and emphasized the dynamic of community and togetherness. This week was also comprised of a visit to the botanical gardens, pastries, and Danish hot dogs (see the beauty below). DIS allows for each class to have a week long study tour in a different country related to the topic of class, so my class will be going to the Faroe Islands this week! We leave June 20th and will be back the 24th. I’m super excited to see the unique landscape there and the difference in culture. It is supposed to be raining and chilly our entire time there, but luckily I thrifted some hiking boots and warmer sweaters a few days ago.
Can’t wait to update y’all on how my experience in the Faroe Islands are this week!
Till then (:

Megan B