Farewell Yellow Brick Road

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During the spring break of my semester here abroad, I wanted to do something by myself for once. I had this inner drive to accomplish going out into Central London without anyone, to truly see my independence progress compared to if I was in the United States before this experience. I luckily was able to grab floor tickets for a concert that I wanted to go to so badly for the past year’s for the one and only, Sir Elton John. It was his last tour which was called the Farewell Tour. It felt liberating that I was going to go to an event all by myself. Although it may seem scary to most, I felt confident and excited about this experience.

The day of the concert finally came, and I had no worries or anxieties. I put on my Elton-inspired outfit, then made my way to the O2 Arena in Central London. Transportation went smoothly as well as getting into the venue. I was confused about how to get to the floor where my seat was, and I had no issue going up to staff multiple times to ask where to go regarding the seating. After finding my seat, I went up to admire the stage that stood before me. I made friends with some strangers, which were very lovely to me. They took some pictures of me in front of the stage. The concert eventually started, and it was the best concert I have ever been to. It was sad to hear Elton was retiring, but happy that he gets to spend his time with his family.

Looking back on the experience, I feel quite proud of how far I came as an individual here abroad. Before I left the States, I would never go somewhere let alone a concert by myself. My anxiety was a burden in my life and studying abroad took me out of my shell and pushed the boundaries that helped me blossom into the person I am today. I am beyond grateful and appreciative of this experience.