Fare Thee Well, Dear Sweet London

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Arriving back to the states. Please excuse me if you can’t understand some of the video, I had my wisdom teeth removed a day ago!

Transcript of departure Video. This is basically what I said without additional comments. Making this available to a wider audience since I am hard of hearing and would have loved some subtitles or transcript on some I’ve seen videos:
Well, it’s my first day back stateside, and I don’t know. I am happy to be returning, but I am definitely missing London already. The study abroad itself was very rewarding but challenging for me. I took two courses (Nanotechnology and London on Film), and each was composed of 3 weeks of course work, field outings, and research. Each course was taught by basically an expert in their field, which rigorous because they had such high expectations of us we couldn’t help but try to exceed them. I personally believe my analytical and investigative capabilities have increased tremendously after this venture. And the challenges I encountered on the journey have contributed to a positive change in my overall professional and personal development. It’s an experience I would have never been able to gain from a book or someone else’s recounting of their personal experience. I gained a great amount of information within those weeks, which is probably why we (my friends and I) bonded so strongly amongst each other. You know, struggles build bonds. The friends I made during the program are amazing and from all academic backgrounds and countries. Now, that I am back, I am in the process of becoming an ambassador for the program so more students from my area can travel using the program, or just making sure everyone knows how to begin the process of financing and planning their journey. I want to incorporate my experience into my professional career and continue developing my global knowledge of differing perspectives. And, I am hoping to continue traveling, I am already trying to visit my aunt, who lives with her family in South Korea. Wish me luck.