Falling in love with my new home

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Each day that I visit different parts of Milan and explore new places, I fall in love even more with this city. This past week my friend from California came to visit me and I took the opportunity to visit new places in Milan that I hadn’t been to before. I am so impressed by how much beauty this city has to offer and how many fun things there is to do.

This past week I walked around the Duomo area (main cathedral), which I have already been to many times but it is absolutely stunning so I will never get tired of going there. There are also many high-end fashion stores like Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, etc…(which I can’t afford) but they are nice to look at.

Also I went to the main park in Milan called Parco Sempione and it is so big and green. There is so much beautiful nature and this park is unique because there are also some popular night clubs situated in the park. Additionally, I visited this castle called Castello Sforzesco which is huge and has a nice water fountain in front of it. We got lucky that on my friend’s last day here, there was an astonishing sunset and the sky turned into pink and blue cotton candy colors.

It is crazy to think that Milan is starting to feel like home and I am in no rush to go back to California. Milan actually reminds me of San Diego a lot with regards to the night life and skyscrapers it has. It just feels like I’m in San Diego sometimes, so that is another reason why I feel so at peace.

Each day I realize how much I love living here and I honestly wouldn’t mind living here after college. This semester is actually my last semester before I graduate, so I can choose to live here if I find a job. I can always go back to California whenever I want, so it would be nice to stay in Milan for a few more years.

It is funny to look back because when I first moved here I would tell people that I am going back to California by the end of December…and then I switched it to January…and now I tell people that I am not sure when I am going back to the United States.

I am so glad I chose to study abroad here because this country has endless beauty to offer and everyday I discover something new that makes me want to stay longer. Thank you for being so good to me Italy.