Exploring Salamanca!

Read all the exciting things our scholars have been up to!

Hello there,

I have been meaning to blog these past two weeks, but I have been extremely busy exploring Salamanca. I have been exploring the city through one of my language class. Our professor has taken us to the not so touristy areas and of course some popular areas as well. I am really privileged to have a wonderful professor like her and a great group of classmates that are willing to explore the city with me.

The first area that we explored is Barrio Oeste. Barrio Oeste is a very hipster neighborhood in Salamanca. Historically, it has been known for being a dangerous and sketchy place. However, everything changed when the community decided to do a graffiti project. Multiple residents of the area allowed artists to decorate their garage doors and houses with graffiti. Due to this, the neighborhood is vibrant with different colors. Crime rates have also dramatically decreased since this project.


Calle Oeste “Zebra”.


Calle Oeste with my classmates.

Another place that our professor took us is the Cave of Salamanca. This cave is located under a church. A legend says that 7 students would unite in this cave to perform black magic and speak to the demons. Although the story is very scary, the sight was not so frightening since the cave is now opened to open air. Next to the cave is a tower that shows the most beautiful views of Salamanca. One can see the famous cathedral of Salamanca. One can see how enamoraros the church is. Our professor explained to us that the church was much more than a place to perform mass. It was almost like a city within the church with markets, bakeries, chapels, and even a cemetery! Below is a picture of the cave and also a picture of the view from the tower showing the cathedral.


La Cueva de Salamanca.


View from the tower of Salamanca’s Cathedral.

We also got a tour of the University of Salamanca. Something that stood out to me the most is the entrance of the University. The wall was constructed in 1529. This wall is famous for the legend of the frog. Somewhere in the wall is a frog. It is said that if you spot the frog, you will be granted luck. Students will look for the frog during finals to receive luck during those important times. Can you spot the frog?


The wall of the University of Salamanca.

I hope you enjoyed some of Salamanca’s treasures!