Exploring the Great C.R.

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Now that I’ve adjusted to my new schedule and life in San Jose, I’ve had time to explore its many beauties. This past week has been filled with excursions; each having its own identity. Exploring is only a portion of the adventures I’ve taken this week and I’m super excited to share!

The first stop was at the Irazu Volcano. This is one of the greatest attractions in Costa Rica, yet I was still not very optimistic about hiking up a volcano. The idea of an eruption happening as I struggle up a volcano, left me blind to actual beauty of it all. Once I actually made it to the volcano, I felt totally different about hiking it. The beauty of the overlapping mountains and overseeing clouds left me speechless. It was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen and I was almost oblivious to this due to my fear.

My next stop was the Mirador Sanatorium Carlos Duran. The history behind this abandoned infrastructure, is quite interesting. It was built in 1915 for the sole purpose to house those with tuberculosis to prevent the continuous spread of this, at the time, incurable disease. Once the cure was found, the people that were left were vaccinated and released, leaving the sanatorium.

After being told this information, I was unsure of our purpose of  going to the sanatorium. Wouldn’t it be haunted with the spirits of those who suffered there? At least that is what I thought. The true purpose is to attain a large puzzle piece of the Costa Rican health system. For many years, Costa Rica has been ranked in the top five healthcare systems, and this is because of there dedication to the health of ever one of their citizens. Through free healthcare and mandatory vaccinations, outbreaks like tuberculosis are a thing of the past.

I enjoyed both of these excursions; both teaching me something Though it’s only my second week in Costa Rica, and I have much more to see, I already feel like it will be hard to leave. Until next time…Pura Vida!