Exploring another historic city that once was under Nazi control, Warsaw

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It is my third week in Berlin and I don’t want my study abroad journey to end, but as much as I so badly want it not to end, I only have one week left. It is true they say that time flies when you are enjoying every moment of it. My week have been very busy with school field trips and program excursions. Last Friday, I visited Warsaw, Poland with the AIFS students. It was a six-hour trip by train from Berlin main station. We had a bus tour and also visited the Warsaw Uprising Museum. The city is modern and rich with a history of destruction. In 1939, Warsaw had about 1.3 million inhabitants and it was a city known as a symbol of resistance and the center of the underground independence movement against the Germans. As a result, it became the target city of the main German carried attacks, arrests, excursions and mass murders against the Polish people. From the end of 1943-till the summer of 1944, about 4,300 inhabitants of Warsaw, mostly representatives of the nation’s elites were killed.


Over 80% of the city was completely destroyed by the Germans during the Second World War. On this  4 minute 3D movie, which can be seen in a small prepared cinema in the museum, it shows the destroyed city from a plane that after I watched the short film, it looked like a scene from a disaster Hollywood movie. But the difference is that this was a real city destroyed during World War II.

However, the city has come so far and after the war, the destruction of the city center was so complete. Some old paintings of city streets done in the 17th century were used to recreate historic buildings. 

Warsaw Old Town is a tourism hub. It was completely destroyed during World War II.



The Fryderyk Chopin Monument at the Lazienki Park. A great Polish composer (1810-1849).

It was a great weekend trip to Warsaw. For my next journal, I will write about the cultural differences that I have noticed since my arrival in Berlin from Boston and many more. Please stay tuned.