Exhaling at last

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This week I just want to keep it short and sweet and not exhaust you all with my crazy and busy weekly schedule. I really have to express this shift in my life and place recognition on what it’s done for me. This society of virtually no harm, other than the sometimes hectic traffic, is sheer amazement. I haven’t felt this good in a long, long time. Life of unproductiveness and predictability is finally over!! My eyes have been pried open and aren’t closing for at least another 8 months, and even when this time’s up, I will not allow them to EVEN squint ever again.

Taiwan is so culturally, spiritually, and consistently exciting!!! If the plethora of events and activities aren’t enough to satisfy somebody, the amazing inhabitants of this country are always there with a smile and urgency to fulfill life’s main duty of being LIVED!!! I have had an easier time keeping plans with Taiwanese friends of 2 or 3 weeks compared to friends of 2 or 3 years in America. Surprisingly, with the fragment of fun and adventure that Alabama offers, people still seemed to be ever-so-occupied. However, with an exponential growth in  the rhythm of life (comparable to New York, minus all the crime), people such as my exchange buddies still happen to be more on time for lunch than I am!! During these exchanges, meals, walks on the street, or whatever else we get into around here, you very rarely turn over to find your buddy’s faces shining bright with the light of their smart phone. Which, if they were, they have every excuse to in this city of a million and the best application for free phone calls and cute text messaging ever made. Yet, that is not the case and I am reveled in that fact alone.