Excursion 5: Buenos Aires

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The excursions are winding down! So I bid farewell to Argentina with one last trip to Buenos Aires. Awesomely enough, we met a lovely Brazilian friend while we were staying in Mendoza, named Grace. She is living in Buenos Aires right now studying so she offered to show us around for a part of our trip.


–       El Ateneo This awesome spot was an old cinema now converted into a bookstore. Still, however, is the beautiful building and amazing ceiling paintings.

–       Theatre Colón A beautiful old opera house that is a product of some of the best architecture, art, and acoustics.

–       Señor Tango

What is going to the capital without seeing a tango show? Well we had a lot of fun over wine and good company watching one of the best shows in the city. It was so well done and the dancers were incredible.

–        San Telmo Feria

Some of the best goods all collected in about 10 or more blocks of one of the barrios in the city sprinkled with local music playing in the streets along with fresh squeezed orange juice and authentic Columbian coffee (see picture).

–       El Tigre

This beautiful little picturesque town right outside of the city has the Tigre River intersecting it, which is the same river that takes you over to Uruguay!

All and all Buenos Aires was a huge and diverse city that hardly sleeps and eats a lot of medialunas, rich with intricate architecture and filled with Porteños that love a good time and fun company.