Everything Happens for a REASON!

Read all the exciting things our scholars have been up to!

I’m ending week two of my internship, and I can say that I am still grateful and amazed at how much I am gaining from this experience. This week, I had the opportunity to assist in directing the play “James & The Giant Peach.” As I sat in on rehearsals and director meetings, it taught me how to really understand the process, trusting the first instincts of a director, and always making sure the actors needs are put first.

My actors this week had the opportunity to learn different warm-up techniques from me, and played a series of improvisational games.  In addition, I went to the other main campus of the University of Johannesburg and went to “Culture Hour,” and it was so DOPE. So much talent in one room, I felt as if I was in High School Musical. Culture hour is when the students have a break from 12-2 and they do different things, such as poetry, dancing, singing, painting, and putting on art shows (SEE ATTACHED PHOTO).This week, not only did I learn all of these things, but inspired people as well. The children here in South Africa are always telling me how lucky I am to be doing American Theatre and how they cannot wait until their opportunity comes. It really moves me how ambitious and determined they are to get to the American Theatre and I am honored to be apart of their journey.

Thank you for reading ! See you on week 3 blog :)