Enoshima Island & Maid Cafes – Week 5

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June 30th

Week 5 has been soooooo refreshing!

On Sunday, two other interns invited me to go to Kamakura Hase-Dera Temple (which had a hydrangea path!) with them and to see the Giant Buddha! We met with two new friends and had so much fun! After, we went to Enoshima Island to watch the sunset, which was absolutely gorgeous. You could even see Mt. Fuji!

Later on in the week, we went to a maid cafe in Akihabara… and let me tell you, they are… interesting. It’s basically like Hooters, except in Japan and everything is very… kawaii? (Kawaii is Japanese for cute, but in Japan “kawaii” culture can be a little extreme!)
We went inside and we were immediately alerted that we had to spend money to take pictures! (So sad, I wanted to show you the inside…)
All of the waitresses were dressed as cute little maids but… all of the customers were older Japanese men!
So weird. We stuck out like sore thumbs! (The maids liked us better though, LOL)
We were given the fully “kawaii” experience, and they even made us put on cute accessories (like bunny ears) and sing a little song with them before we ate our food… so cute! All of the girls were very sweet, and the food was surprisingly good! It’s refreshing to have cutesy maids take care of you, so maybe that’s why all of the older men were there… (let’s just say that)

But, wow… only one more week left in Japan. I have to say I’m a little excited and nervous to go back at this point. I’ve been gone for two months already! I have to say, I’m tired of staying in limbo over in Asia and I’m ready to get started on a positive life over in Miami!! I’ve learned so much here, and I can’t wait to take it back with me!

Let’s see what the Final Week has in store! Wish me luck!!