Election Day (Hirakata, Japan) 11/10/16

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You’ll have to forgive that I don’t feel as talkative in my other posts.
With the recent US election results, I’m feeling a bit resigned.
I feel partly responsible; of course I know that I single-handedly didn’t cause the downfall of our country, but I was a part of the people who assumed that things would be fine, that left the fate of the vote to others. To be fair to myself, and other study abroad students, it is a bit harder to fill in and send an absentee ballot. But, we were a part of the problem; the people who felt complacent and got lazy.

My nephew will be born in less than a week. I suppose I should feel lucky that he isn’t born when our new president is already in office. I can only hope, that in the future, myself and others will take the initiative to never let such a candidate enter the office, again.

In other news, school as usual.
Final presentations are being assigned, and it feels like the end of the semester is already closing in.