A Day In My Costa Rican Life

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My Days

I am staying a total of four months in Costa Rica. The first three month I had 3 electives, Photography, Sustainable Agriculture, and Sustainable Consumption and Production. The first and last month I have Spanish.

Usually my days went like this:

  • Mornings:
    • Wake up around 6
    • Have breakfast with my housemates
    • Walk to class (10 mins)
      • Schedule: Depending on day sometimes I would be at the University for 9 hours, 6 hours, 4 hours, or 2 hours. (It wasn’t bad, there was a lot of free time after the first month)
  •  Evening:
    • Walk home
    • Eat Dinner (My mama Tica, Flor, is an excellent cook. I love everything she makes and it’s almost always healthy)
  • Night:
    • talk to my boyfriend then go sleep around 10 or 11 o clock.
  • Weekends:
    • travel to different parts of Costa Rica (Everywhere usually takes at least two hours to go)
    • Return Sunday night

The small moments that makes my day are:

  • Walking to school with my roommates Tessa & Tierra.
  • Eating at the dining table with my roommates.
  • Walking home with one of the closest friends I made here, Faith.
  • Practicing Spanish with my boyfriend from Guatemala at night.
  • Having small conversations in Spanish with my drivers (Uber/Taxi)
  • Having here and there conversations with my mama Tica, Flor.
  • Hanging/talking to other students from different parts of the world.
  • Taking good picture at the places I go.