Day 7: Dreams Do Come True

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So for the past couple years I always wanted to try this really jiggly and fluffy cheesecake that’s sold at a bakery called  Rikuro-Ojisan No Mise in Osaka. Their cheesecakes are jiggly like jello, and cost a little less than 700 Yen. So since I’ve always dreamed of trying this cheesecake, and also since I need more practice taking the trains here in Japan for my upcoming trip to Tokyo; I figured might as well go to Osaka!

I went with a fellow classmate in the early afternoon to go to the tourist center to get our one day Osaka-Kyoto passes to take the trains for cheaper.

Figuring out our way on the trains was a bit of a hassle because we were so confused, but we made it right on time in approximately an hour and a half. We didn’t get lost or get off on any wrong exits! So I was pretty proud of us.

The first thing we did once we got off in Osaka was go straight to the cheesecake bakery! It was about a 10 minute walk, a 5 minute wait in line, and soon after… We were both in bliss.

Words could not describe how happy I felt. I even joked about how getting to try this cheesecake was a dream come true… Which now that I think about it; it truly was a dream come true.

The cheesecake tasted more like a custard. It had a fairly distinct egg flavor to it; however it still tasted like cheesecake and I absolutely loved it. I wish I could take a bunch of them back home for my friends and family to try.

After we ate, we decided to do some shopping and exploring. We hit up a bunch of different stores, and I purchased a few small items here and there. We even visited a Sanrio store!

I noticed that the Sanrio store had a lot more character items that we lack in the United States and the prices were much more affordable for plenty of items. I know that back in the States, a lot of the stuff I saw here would’ve cost more.

After shopping, we decided to go to a restaurant where Anthony Bourdain went to. I really admire Anthony Bourdain and still feel depressed by his passing, but I know I can still at least try some of the places he enjoyed. This restaurant only serves Kushiage, which is basically various meats and vegetables dipped in batter and deep fried. We had to wait a little bit to get in, but we were seated and quickly served our food in this loud restaurant. It was packed, which I always take as a good sign that the food must be good.

And I was right! The food was really good and reasonably priced. I’m still over filled with joy that I got to eat some where that Anthony Bourdain ate at too… So that’s another thing to cross off my bucket list!

After our meal, we took the train back home safely and I went straight to bed! We walked a total of 9.5 miles and my feet were killing me.

Least I didn’t go to bed on an empty stomach.

Anyway, till next time!